YumUrl.com is a simple web url shortener that allows users to share links with the public. Simply type in a lengthy web url in the edit box and press "Make Short". The resulting short url will show up in the dark blue box below.

Make Private
By default the urls entered will be shared with the public. To make them private, the user must select "Make Private" under the "Click for Options" section.

Viewing what other's have shortened.
YumUrl.com provides Live Yummed and Recent Yummed. These are lists of URL's that users have shortened. Live Yummed may be uncensored and may contain inappropriate content. YumUrl.com will scrub this list periodically however viewer discretion is advised for this list. Recent Yummed is a scrubbed list of content based on the Submissions section of the Terms of Use.

Users may also choose to create an account. The service allows the user to see their history of shortened urls.

The name YumUrl is meant to reflect yummy urls. What url's are so yummy that their worth shortening and sharing with the public? What's yummy enough to shorten? Let's see!

Additional info
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